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Randy Richter - Rock 'n' Roll Fieber (Magazin)

Randy Richter - Rock 'n' Roll Fieber
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Randy Richter - Rock 'n' Roll Fieber

Rock 'n' Roll Fieber was the title of my first song, which I wrote at the age of 15. I didn't even own a guitar yet. I tried to coax melodies out of my buddy Wassily's classical guitar whenever I visited him. Since I wasn't fluent in Englisch at that time, I wrote the lyrics in my native language. We had nothing but Rock 'n' Roll and the 1950s on our minds. We wanted to look, dance and sound like Elvis. In numerous neglected waste piles, we searched for radios, lamps, furniture and record players from the era. We bought a 1958 Wartburg 311 feeling like "Kings Of The Road". Our parents and teachers thought we werde just going through an adolescent phase that would soon end. Little did they know that we had caught the Rock 'n' Roll fever which was immediately driving us crazy. We were infected for good. No matter what they tried, we never got rid of it again.This "phase" has lasted more than 30 years now. We're still crazy about the beat of the 1950s, as are many of our friends who also caught it. They will recognize themselves in some of the stories. To all those who haven't gotten the Rock 'n' Roll fever yet, be warned. Infection from reading this book cannot be ruled out entirely. Included the CD Randy Rich & The Poor Boys - The Way You Came /

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