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CD Rayburn Anthony - Big Bad City
CD Bang! Mustang! - Surfin' NSA
CD The Boners - Same
CD The Broadkasters - 21 Days In Jail!
CD Cherry Divine - Rockabilly Chicks vs. Mean Evil Women
CD Chrome Daddies - Gear Up Daddy
CD Cow Cow Boogie - Somewhere Down The Line
CD Cow Cow Boogie - Rendezvous
CD The Cream Of The Crop! - Yee-Haw! It's ...
CD Crystal & Runnin' Wild - Good Taste In Bad Friends
CD Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes - Guitar Player
CD Ian Cal Ford and his Acoustic Preachers - Wood & Wire
CD Ezra Lee with The Round Up Boys - Coal Fired Man
CD Willie Lewis - A Legend Of His Time
CD Lil' Mo and The Dynaflos - In 2nd Gear
CD Jai Malano - Rocket Girl
CD Marc & The Wild Ones - The Rockin' Beat Of ...
CD Mrs. R & B and The $oulshakers - The Two Tone Tracks
CD Mike Penny and his Moonshiners - Don't Start Breathin' Down My Neck!
CD Piccadilly Bullfrogs - Hoppers, Boppers, & Rockers!
CD Raik & The Chainballs - Under The Silvery Moon
CD Rhythm River Trio - Just Honky Tonkin Around
CD Rip 'Em Ups - Killswitch!
CD Rockets - Nail Polish, Lies And Gasoline
CD Sidewynders - Let's Go Sparkin' With
CD Spo-Dee-O-Dee - The House Is Rockin!
CD Spo-Dee-O-Dee - Go Ahead On!
CD TomCat & The Zodiacs - The Train Of Life
CD Pep Torres - Muchacho Zafado!
CD Phil Trigwell & The Deputies - Ooh, Ooh Wee!
CD Lucky Tubb and The Modern Day Troubadours - Hillbilly Fever
CD Sonny Tucker and The Tornados - Wild Wild Lover
CD Twisted Rod - Bring It On Home!
CD Doug Wilshire & The Capers - Love In Disguise
CD The Wolverhinos - Love Runs Out!
CD 45 RPM - Spin That 45
CD V/A - Motorvatin' Vol.1
CD V/A - Catfight Vol.1 (Rattle Shakin' Mama)
CD V/A - Catfight Vol.2 (I'm Out!)
CD V/A - Catfight Vol.3 (You Can't Stop Her)
CD V/A - Catfight Vol.4 (Playmates)
CD V/A - Catfight Vol.5 (Rattle Shakin' Mama)
CD V/A - Hoodlum's Wildest Wingding!
CD V/A - Rhythm Riot! 20
CD V/A - Rock 'n' Roll Kittens Vol.3
CD V/A - Rock and Roll Days
CD V/A - Europe's Rocking
CD V/A - Koko Showcase ( 50ies )
CD V/A - Hot Rodders Paradise
CD V/A - Hot Rodders Delight
CD V/A - Perfect For Parties Vol.3
CD V/A - Let The Bells Keep Ringing 1956
CD V/A - Let The Bells Keep Ringing 1959
CD V/A - I Want You Baby ( 50ies Pan American )
CD V/A - High Heels ( 50ies Pan American )
CD V/A - Five Foot Two ( 50ies Pan American )
CD V/A - My Baby Scares Me ( 50ies Pan American )
CD V/A - Love Is My Business ( 50ies Pan American )
CD V/A - Talkin Bout Love ( 50ies Pan American )
CD V/A - My Kind Of Woman ( 50ies Pan American )
CD V/A - Like Wow ( 50ies Pan American )
CD V/A - Steady Date ( 50ies Pan American )

7" Carlos & The Bandidos - Jukebox Rock
7" Harmany Bros. - Jukebox Baby ( cover are a little bit damaged )