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Willie Lewis - A Legend Of His Time (CDs)

Willie Lewis - A Legend Of His Time
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Product no.: RBR 5611 CD
Willie Lewis - A Legend Of His Time

20 Tracks: I'm Out (Willie & The Stablemen) / All Sweaty Freddie (Tennessee Bill & The Tennessee Boys) / Are You Walking And Talking (The Brenver Brothers) / Be My Baby (Delmer Spudd & The Spuddnicks) / Leave Me Alone (The Bop-A-Whiles) / It's Saturday Night (Willie & The Stablemen) / Don't Shoot Me Baby (Tennessee Bill & The Tennessee Boys) / Were You There (The Brenver Brothers) / Stephine (Delmer Spudd & The Spuddnicks) / Matilda (The Bop-A-Whiles) / Mary Lou Rock (Willie & The Stablemen) / A Few More Seasons (The Brenver Brothers) / Send Me Some Lovin' (Tennessee Bill & The Tennessee Boys) / Gertrude (Delmer Spudd & The Spuddnicks) / Mom & Da Doin' R & R (The Bop-A-Whiles) / A Home In Heaven (The Brenver Brothers) / The Sammy Bop (Willie & The Stablemen) / All Messed Up (Tennessee Bill & The Tennessee Boys) / Colored Records (Delmer Spudd & The Spuddnicks) / Outer Space Baby (The Bop-A-Whiles) / Rhythm Bomb Records /

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