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Flairs, The - She Loves To Rock (CDs)

Flairs, The - She Loves To Rock
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Art.Nr.: STR-9206003 CD
Flairs, The - She Loves To Rock

30 Tracks: I Had A Love / Tell Me You Love Me / Hey La Bah / Be Cool, My Heart / Rock 'n' Roll Drive In / Cindy Lou / Sha-Ba-Da-Ba-Do / True Love / Peek, Peek-A-Boo / Ipsy Opsie Oo / How Can I Tell You / You Brook My Heart / (Pretty Baby) I'm So Used To You Know / Headin' Home / Keep Me Alive / Muchacha, Muchacha / I Just Got Rid Of A Heartache / Fortune In Love / I Want You / I'm Sad /One Thing For Me / In Self Defense / She Loves To Rock / Steppin' Out / Alladin's Lamp / I'd Climb The Hills And Mountains / Swing Pretty Mama / Call Me A Fool / What Do You Want If You Don't Want Love / Loving You / Stompin' Tide Records /